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Whether you need towing or roadside repair in Brigham City, UT, turn to us

Safe & Secure Towing & Roadside Repair in Brigham City, UT

Getting your car to a reliable repair shop shouldn't be a burden. You've already been through enough after a wreck. We offer towing service, winch-outs, and off-road recoveries for vehicles of all makes and models. Our company even hauls away motorcycles.

Assistance on the Road

The side of the road is not where you want to be at any time of the day. Whether you're local or long distance, our 24-hour towing and roadside repair in Brigham City, UT, will get you moving again. We can even work with semi tires for our truck driving customers. Contact us the next time your vehicle, no matter how big or small, breaks down.

Truck and car towing in Brigham City, UT, done right

Making Room for Your Visitors

Make some space for your customers and tow away loiterers and cars that don't belong on your property. Our impound services will take away illegally parked vehicles from your business or home.

Lockout Services in Brigham City

Don't get stuck outside your car. We are the fast and straightforward solution to help you get into your vehicle. Our auto locksmith will reunite you with the keys you've locked into your automobile.


Putting the wrong fuel in your car can significantly affect your vehicle's performance or even cause costly damage to your automobile. Removing the fuel is as easy as calling RC Towing Inc. We'll pump out the offending gasoline and give your car another chance.


Move your cargo seamlessly from one vehicle to another with our load transfer service. Our load shifting is reliable and quick, so you can get to your destination safely without worrying about your payload.